Wednesday, 28 June 2017

2017 Membership Discount Scheme

Some of you will remember that earlier in the year (before we had our computer problems) we discussed setting up some sort of scheme to reward return customers.

There are many benefits for both us as sellers and you as buyers in having an on-going relationship.  If we know your wants and interests we can offer you first refusal on books as they come it: a quick sale for us; and a need filled for you.  There is no cost involved in this - just drop us an e-mail!

Diplomatist Membership Scheme 2017

The following Membership Scheme is set-up with the unabashed aim of us getting some cash up-front.  This will enable us to increase and improve our stock and other services we provide.  We hope it also provides a real benefit to our customers.

The prices are set on the basis of the benefit you may get in the remaining six months of 2017.

  • A - The UK Postal Offer - £10.00.  Free postage on all orders.  This level will open to UK addresses only.
  • B - The World Postal Offer - £15.00.  Overseas postage set at the flat rate of £5.00 per parcel.  This level open to customers world-wide.
  • C - The Discount Offer - £10.00.  A 10% reduction on the cost of all books and products (excluding postage).  This level open to customers world-wide.
  • D - The UK Bumper Offer - £18.00.  A combination of A and C.  10% off and free postage.  Again, open to UK addresses only.
  • E - The World Bumper Offer - £23.00.  A combination of B and C.  10% off and postage at the flat rate of £5.00 per parcel.

Apply by sending us an e-mail.

This is by way of an experiment.  If there is the demand it will be repeated in 2018 in one form or another.


  1. I'm still mulling this over. What I can say is that I am interested in these subjects, if that is any help.

    Japan - 1550 to now. Military or civilian culture, etc.

    Colonial India - more interested in the HEIC period, both Military or civilian culture, etc.

    Southern & Eastern Africa - C19th Tribal and British Colonial up to the 1930s, Military or civilian culture, etc.

    Ancient Rome - Civilian life. Gladiators.

    If I spot non-fiction in a charity shop, of the above, I'm more likely to buy.