Membership Discount Scheme 2018

There are many benefits for both us as sellers and you as buyers in having an on-going relationship.  If we know your wants and interests we can offer you first refusal on books as they come it: a quick sale for us; and a need filled for you.  There is no cost involved in this - just drop us an e-mail!

Diplomatist Membership Scheme 2018

The Membership Scheme was set-up with the unabashed aim of us getting some cash up-front.  This will enable us to increase and improve our stock and other services we provide.  We hope it also provides a real benefit to our customers.  The experience of 2017, seems to point to both these aims being met.

  • A - The UK Postal Offer - £20.00.  Free postage on all orders.  This level will open to UK addresses only.
  • B - The Discount Offer - £20.00.  A 10% reduction on the cost of all books and products (excluding postage).  This level open to customers world-wide.
  • C - The UK Bumper Offer - £35.00.    10% off and free postage.  Again, open to UK addresses only.

To apply, send us an e-mail.  You can apply at any stage of the year, but the sooner you do so, the more savings you can squeeze in!

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