Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

This evening a customer took the trouble to ring me to talk about a book I had sent him last week (he did try yesterday, but I was in the pub watching The Clangers).

He is in his 80s and isn't too comfortable with the Internet.  He uses the public library when he needs to go on-line, but on the whole his daughter finds him books on-line and places the orders.  He remarked on how souless the experience was - often books arrive inadequately packaged and without even a shipping manifest.  He seemed to think that me doing as a simple thing as enclosing a postcard wishing him enjoyment of the book was something special!

Well, I agree with him that buying on-line can be soulless.  But it works both ways.  It's very pleasing to have a customer send an e-mail of thanks or to ring.  So thank you to those of you do.

Monday, 8 June 2015


Just a reminder that Diplomatist Books has a presence on FaceBook.  If you want to know of updates here, updates too minor to deserve a blog post, book reviews we've thought helpful, or just 'stuff' we feel like sharing sign up as a follower.

However, if you do so, can I suggest that you interact in some way?  FaceBook's algorithm-things are such that you won't see the posts unless you do so.  So, if you have a notification from us, feel free to 'like' or make a comment.  The comments don't have to be profound (my preferred type would be along the lines of "Hell yes!  Take my money!  I want to buy that!", but it doesn't have to be).

I promise not to bombard you with crap.