Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Competition Winner!

We now have a winner for our New Year competition.

You will remember that the prize was a Diplomatist Books' 2018 Membership, giving 10% off the cost of orders. 

The questions we asked were:-

  • Our spreadsheet tells us we have sold 1004 books in the UK.  What is the total number including overseas sales (to the nearest 20)?  Answer - 1247.
  • To which non-English-speaking country have we sent most books?  Answer - Italy.

Unsurprisingly, nobody got the answers to these questions, so we went to Plan B and had a draw of the public followers of this blog.

And the Winner is...  Paul Smith!

Paul, the e-mail I have for you is out-of-date.  Please drop me a note so I can explain how the membership deal works.

Oversees Sales

Why have we sent more books to Italy than to Spain or Germany (which are next on the list), or even Ireland?  I don't know!  Perhaps the subject for a future competition...


  1. Congratulations Paul.

    Can't remember what answer I gave for Question One. 1150, or there about? I know I said Germany for answer number two.

    There is a large Italian wargaming community, when you think about it. Figure manufacturers and rules publishers, and quite the few top quality painters. I was thinking Northern European countries for my answer and didn't think about the Mediterranean countries, as Spain has a big influence on the European wargaming output when I consider who and what I've spotted on the Internet.

    1. Yes, you said 1120.

      Frankly, I can't remember what I've sent where over the last several years. A good third of my stock and sales are not related to Military History, so I wouldn't focus too much on the wargaming community.