Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Would You Buy A Used Book from This Man?

Or 'How Not to Do a Customer Follow-Up"

My wife recently bought a book from a fellow dealer on AbeBooks.  Yesterday she got the following e-mail:
We're just checking in to see if you received your order (XXXX) fom XXXX.  If your order hasn't blessed your mailbox yet please let us know.

If you haven't received your order or are less than 108.8% satisfied, please reply to this message. We aim to flabbergast our customers with impeccable service so do let us know if we haven't achieved this in your case. . 
Humbly Yours,
Believe it or not, I've improved the formatting of the message.

I'm a believer in customer care and getting feedback, but this is just WRONG!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Where Do You Ship To?

I'm often asked the above question, and the answer is 'Wherever you're prepared to pay the postage for!'.

I just happen to have a handy pie chart showing the destinations of the first 101 books we sold through AbeBooks...

Monday, 13 April 2015

New Stock

We just had a largish order of remaindered books delivered and in the last few days added the to the website.  These are books in 'as new' condition straight from our wholesaler at what we think are very attractive prices.

There are some old familiar titles that we've had in the past and which had sold out, but the great majority are new to us, and we hope will prove just as popular.  They cover the whole gamut of military history from Alexander the Great to the War on Terrorism - in all there are 40 new titles (including 14 on the Napoleonic Wars alone).  We hope that there will be something for everyone!

But remember, although we only have a restock of warehouse titles like these three or four times a year, second-hand books are coming in all the time and we add stock every week.  Remember to visit often to see what's available or to let us know what your specific wants are.